History of the Independent Insurors of Greater St. Petersburg, Inc.

The year was 1927. It was determined by a small group of independent insurance agents, representing only non-discounting stock insurance carriers, that building a local association would be of tremendous value to both agents and the St. Petersburg business community at large. The association would promote education, enable political communication, and provide a social arena for local agents.

The St. Petersburg Insuror’s Exchange, Inc. was born and for many years functioned under a strict code of ethics with the oversight of local agency owners and leaders. Interestingly, the association provided advice and counseling to the City of St. Petersburg and provided the insurance coverages necessary to adequately protect the city. Commission generated from these policies was used to fund association activities and was therefore shared equally among all agents.

The name was modernized to the Independent Insurors of Greater St. Petersburg, Inc. in 1974 and operated as such for 23 years under the same code of ethics. In 1997, it was decided that a single unified association serving the needs of Pinellas County in its entirety would benefit all association members. During this renaissance, The Pinellas Association of Insurance Agents was formed and grew to include over 200 members representing 46 insurance agencies.